Positive Behavioral Interventions Support (PBIS)

ROOSEVELT PBIS MISSION STATEMENT: At Roosevelt, the best way to show Laker Pride is by acting kind, staying safe, and showing that we are ready for success.

The main emphasis of PBIS is building a comprehensive schoolwide program to improve emotional and academic outcomes for all students. It is an evidenced based framework which is designated  to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of schools.  

Upon initiating the program within a school, a Team is assembled by using representatives from different grades, specialists, administration and support staff.  This team is sent to training and given the framework to develop a PBIS program best suited for their individual school.  Rach school is able to customize their own goals and plan to fit the needs of staff and students.  

The goal of the Roosevelt Elementary PBIS team is to provide students with an established set of school-wide expectations which address being KIND, SAFE and READY in every area of the school environment.  The children’s efforts are then recognized publicly and celebrated or announced regularly.

The PBIS team is constantly making changes and implementing new interventions to make improvements based on our current needs as indicated by collecting evidence based data on a regular basis.


Roosevelt 2021 PE Teachers with Golden Vacuum PBIS
Being inclusive safe and welcoming
Two girls hula hooping outside.